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Summer Solstice 2008

Summer Solstice 2008

‘Double Dipper’

Edition of 50
Reclaimed church candle wax, pigment, wick
Dimensions: 300 x 30mm

All works are supplied packaged and come with a certificate of authenticity

Jonny Aldous explores and questions the physicality and actuality of our material world through a variety of means. He often produces detailed and precise drawings of common objects – twigs, manhole covers, crumpled pieces of paper – but imbues them with a sense of something else – twigs as guns, manhole covers and crumpled paper as faces. He has recently been exploring the potential of material to change state and express something else. Whether painting paper plates to look like the ends of salamis, producing woodblock print posters based on kebab shop signs, or table-tennis bats as beer bottle holders at a private view, a sense of humour is always at the heart of his work.

‘Double Dipper’ is a work that has been cast from an object made by the artist. The wax version that is the edition has a surface that appears to be dripping, and is hung from a long wick. The object is suggestive of salamis that can be seen in delicatessen’s windows but also alludes to novelty candles.

The frozen drips on the surface feel as if they are caught in the moment of its dissolve and change of form. The fact that the works are produced from wax from reclaimed church candles recalls the change that the material has undertaken and its fragile state, always close to collapse if the temperature rises too far.

The object negates its potential of novelty candle by being hung from the wick. If anyone chose to attempt to activate this function and light the work it would fall to the ground. The title could refer to how the work has been made – many candles are dipped into hot wax repeatedly to create their form, but the work was cast. It could also refer to the act of dipping food into a sauce, taking a bite, then dipping it again, a cheeky and slightly rude act.

Price £49.99
Free delivery within Norwich or Cambridge £5.00 postage and packing elsewhere in the United Kingdom

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Jonny studied at Norwich School of Art and Design. He has shown in several group exhibitions including The Centre for Recent Drawing, OUTPOST and IPS in Ghent. Jonny has established and runs a studio complex and project space in Bethnal Green.


Summer Solstice 2008
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