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Summer Solstice 2008

Summer Solstice 2008
ll badge‘Black Diamond’

Edition of 100
Badge with antique silver finish and jet-black hard enamel
Dimensions: 40 x 20mm

All works are supplied packaged in a black cardboard jewellery box and come with a certificate of authenticity.

Lee Marshall makes paintings that employ motifs and imagery taken from various aspects of popular culture including advertising, graphic design, packaging, computer games, cartoons and art. His paintings combine these elements to create, or construct, intense scenes with layers of imagery sitting upon a background that removes or reduces senses of scale, location and context, resulting in intense worlds representing the sensory overload we experience during our daily lives.

A common symbol or motif used by Lee in his paintings is that of a black diamond. Gaming culture often has a currency built in that is portrayed by tokens or symbols such as gold coins, hearts or various different coloured counters or icons. The way in which the collecting of these counters reflects society’s promotion of a desire to accrue wealth is no coincidence. Lee’s black diamond represents this desire, and for his Kaavous-Bhoyroo Quarterly Edition he has transformed it from painted image to solid object, resulting in a physical representation of a cultural phenomenon that is currently under question as an appropriate approach to a prosperous ad healthy society. The fact that the badge is part of a series of editions that can be seen as collectable and perhaps representing the desire of people to accrue wealth and possessions is no coincidence.

Price £20.00
Free delivery within Norwich or Cambridge
£2.50 postage and packing elsewhere in the United Kingdom

To order please send a cheque payable to “Kaavous-Bhoyroo” with delivery address to:
c/o 3 Grosvenor Terrace

Lee graduated from Norwich University College of the Arts in 2008 and had his first solo show at OUTPOST in March 2009.

email Jane Bhoyroo 07790 005601 Kaavous Clayton 07814 562906