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RJ Hinrichsen


RJ Hinrichsen

‘I wanted to explain how I'd heard a network of blackbirds communicating call-and-answer style across a Spanish town at dawn. Listening to the closest bird, I heard the conclusion of a sprawling conversation which originated on the far coast of eastern China. I was struck by the realisation that a seemingly modest daily event is in fact the final stage of a continental phenomenon, which can take up to seven hours to complete as day breaks across the time zones.’

Edition of 30
Sound recording on printed Compact Disc in a screen-printed cardboard sleeve
Duration: 30:51

All works are supplied shrink wrapped and come with a certificate of authenticity.

R J Hinrichsen explores our relationship with the world around us and examines ways in which that world can be explained through interpretation, reasoning, representation and manipulation. The potential to slow down our experiences is used to define wider and more thoughtful interpretations and considerations of our world.

R J Hinrichsen’s edition is a 30 minute recording of a blackbird singing at dawn in Spain. The piece reveals itself as a rich tapestry of sounds growing from the performance of the first most dominant blackbird, who has a surprising and delightful repertoire full of his own individual signature flourishes, to the next bird, and the next, off into the distance. Listening carefully it is possible to gradually tune into the conversation they are having, the answers from the immediate birds, and then their neighbours, as they all mark their territory.

The blackbird initiates the chorus at the break of dawn (5:30 a.m. on that particular day), followed by sounds of an early commuter train, a few cars, a delivery truck, and a moped. At 5:52 a.m. the magpies, wood pigeons, finches, and sparrows join in group by group, and the first aeroplane passes by.  At 5:56 a.m. the swifts arrive for the day, and finally at 5:59 a.m. our blackbird flies off. The hierarchy of other birds take it in turn to assert their social relationships for the day, and people start their daily rituals. After half an hour the picture has changed as the remaining birds are slowly drowned out by the myriad sounds of a busy town going about its business.

The title is printed directly onto the sleeve of the CD case and becomes an integral element to the work. The intimate format, perhaps best engaged with through the clarity and closeness of headphones, has a temporal arc which requires the commitment to its slow pace and subtle content. A piece to be enjoyed whilst gazing out of the window, travelling on the train, or negotiating ones way through the crowds. One has the powerful and transformative realisation that this aural conversational network is a living organism that spreads across the entire Euro-Asian continent every day with the sun as a relentless and endless conductor. This kind of meta-consciousness has the potential to lift one out of the concentration on ones immediate ground-floor existence and induce a global mind.

Price £40
Free delivery within Norwich or Cambridge
£2.50 postage and packing elsewhere in the United Kingdom

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R J Hinrichsen completed an MA in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins College of Fine Art in 2005 and has exhibited widely across the UK since 2003.

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