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Current Edition

RJ Hinrichsen


Jo Addison


Edition of 60
Plaster, paint
160 x 220 x 5mm

All works are supplied packaged and come with a certificate of authenticity.

Jo Addison examines our physical and emotional relationships with the objects that surround us. The scale of her work often forces the viewer to move in order to fully experience it, resulting in an awareness of self and object. The nature of a thing is at the core of our relationship to a thing.

‘Flash’ is an edition that has been cast from an original hand modeled sculpture. The original work is one of the series ‘Pet-size’, small-scale sculptures that explore the essence of everyday objects and forms. Reminiscent of the fluorescent cardboard star shapes that are used to draw attention to low priced items, ‘Flash’ can be read as a representation of a small explosion or flash of light.

The edition is cast in plaster from the original sculpture and hand painted with loose brush strokes that bestow a more gestural or off-hand nature to the work than their mass-produced ‘objectsake’. The resulting sculpture has a feeling and sense of the real world source, but stripped down to its elements. The reproduction of an object that is used to promote the sale of objects turns the tables on the traditional relationship, allowing the promotional tool to act as promotion of, and for, itself, as well as being the end product.

Price £59.99 Free delivery within Norwich or Cambridge £5.00 postage and packing elsewhere in the United Kingdom

To order please send a cheque payable to “Kaavous-Bhoyroo” with delivery address to:
c/o 3 Grosvenor Terrace

Jo Addison has a Post-Graduate Diploma in printmaking from the Slade and lectures at Norwich University College of the Arts. She has had solo shows at OUTPOST and Five Years, and has recently exhibited in Berlin, Vienna and taken part in the Whitstable Biennale.

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